• For Companies

    1. Non-binding, free and individual advice
    2. Mediation of highly qualified professionals from the EU and non-EU countries
    3. Mediation of highly qualified professionals in the following fields of profession:
      • technical professions
      • administrative professions
      • Medicine
      • Information Technology (IT)
      • chemical industry

  • For Applicants

    1. Non-binding and free advice
    2. Registration criteria
      • German/English language skills
      • Complete Application
      • Relevant work experience (s)

  • Employees mediation

    • highly qualified professionals from other European countries
    • highly qualified professionals from non-European countries / non-EU countries [third countries]
    • healthy partnerships are the backbone of any company
    • Success is always an issue of strategy.

  • Our Services

    1. Non-binding, free and individual advice
      • for applicants
      • for companies
    1. Currently, we work in the following fields:
      • technical professions [engineer, production worker, welder, cutting mechanic
      • turning technology, CNC turner, excavator operator, others etc.]
      • administrative professions [HR-Administrator, Team Leader, Teacher etc.]
      • Medicine [doctors, caregivers, nurses, healthcare, pharmacists etc.]
      • IT
      • chemical industry [chemist, chemical lab technician, etc.]

  • Welcome!

We look forward to welcoming you in our website and hope that you will receive useful and interesting information about our company as well as our products and services. The company "Simonyan recruitment" is a subsidiary of the SIMONYAN group of companies. Do you need a qualified employee for your company or are you looking for a new professional challenge? Then you are exactly in the right place at the right time! We provide highly qualified employees for the Federal Republic of Germany and offer interesting possibilities both nationwide as well as from other EU countries and non-EU countries. Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!